We kindly encourage you to familiarize yourself with our production and service offer.

If you are searching for new suppliers, of large batches of die-forged steel elements, in the weight range up to 300 kg per piece, then we are looking forward in doing business with you. We are happy with every inquiry received.

We do not limit ourselves only to the forging process. We also specialize in machining, robotic welding and heat treatment of pipes and billets.

In case of interest, please contact the sales department, which will give you an insight into the offered assortment and the specifics of our forge.

We specialized in the production of die forgings such as:

- forged elements for railway turnouts
- forged components for power hydraulics
- scrapers and clamps for mining conveyors
- forgings for the arms industry
- forgings for the wind power industry
- forged elements for agricultural machines
- forgings for the aviation industry
Heat treatment is carried out on two modern computer-controlled gas furnaces and electric furnace a hood.

As a result, we can offer our clients services in the following areas:
- softening
- normalization,
- quenching & tempering
- solution heat treatment
Our orders in the field of machining and welding, We realized mainly through:

Machining - milling, drilling, rifling is processed on numerically controlled (CNC) machining centers., including:
- Hardford HCMC-1370
- MAS MCV 1270R
- MAS DMC-1500H
- heavy machinery and cranes "Poreba"