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The production range of “Kuźnia-Zawadzkie” Sp. z o. o. includes die forgings weighting from 3 to 300 kg per piece and dimensions with a maximum length of 1300 mm and diameter 550 mm.

Forging takes place on 3 3 “Zygmunt” type hammers, i.e. MPM 31 500 B (10 T), MPM 16 000 B (5 T) and MPM 10 000 B (3 T).

Forgings are made of carbon steel, alloy steel, high alloy steel and stainless steel.

Thanks to our 2 modern gas furnaces and an electric furnace for heat treatment, forgings can be delivered in the following states:
– raw
– softened,
– normalized,
– quenched & tempered
– solution heat treated.

On customer’s request, forgings are tested by magnetic powder and/or ultrasound inspection.

“Kuźnia-Zawadzkie” Sp. z o. o. became a specialist in the production of die forgings, such as:
– forged elements for railway turnouts
– forged components for power hydraulics
– scrapers and clamps for mining conveyors
– forgings for the arms industry
– forgings for the wind power industry
– forged elements for agricultural machines
– forgings for the aviation industry
– crane hooks
– gear discs
– elements of mechanical transmissions
– connecting rods for pumps and combustion engines
– steering axles for trucks and buses.

The plant has its own tool shop in which tools and instrumentation, used in the die forging process, are manufactured. Thanks to this, we are able to shorten the implementation process of new launches, i.e. design and make all the equipment within 2-3 weeks and deliver the forgings after 4-5 weeks from the date of receipt of the order from the customer.

Our own tool shop with CNC machining machines and CAD / CAM-assisted control system ensures 100% of the demand for tools used in the forging process. We also use software for advanced simulations of the forging process – QFORM..