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Company History

Kuźnia-Zawadzkie Sp. z o.o. was founded on 10 September 2003 and conducts its activity on the grounds of previous Huta Andrzej S.A.. forge in Zawadzkie. Our traditions with metallurgical production in the Zawadzkie commune dates about 180 years back.


Count Andrzej Renard began to build a metallurgical plant on the left bank of the Mała Panew river. Count. Franciszek Zawadzki becomes the builder and administrator.


The plant receives the consent of the then national government to give the name “Zawadzkywerk”.


Three steam hammers with hammers weighing 1700, 2000 and 4000 kg per piece.


Change of the name of the plant to “Zawadzkie”.


A new forge and a new double rotary puddling furnaces were built.


A large drop forging department, equipped with die hammers, forging machines, presses for cutting outflow and free forging hammers, is created.


Free forging hammers were launched the 100, 200 and 400 kg per piece.


Forging machines 2000 kg per piece, press 2650 kg per piece, drop hammers 8, 18 and 25 tons, hammer-cut 35 ton counter-rotating hammer and trimming presses were installed. A heat treatment of forged products department was opened.


The forge is started up after the war. Three hammers withdrawn by the Germans, were installed of 2,7 and 6,0 tons. Furnaces for heating the charge fired with producer gas were started up next to the hammers.


A department for heat treatment of forgings and tools has been launched and the modernization of power supply of hammer drives from the steam supply to the compressed air supply has begun.


A spire forging department was opened for the needs of the railway turnout department.


Assembly of double action die-cast hammers type: MPM 31500 B (10 T), MPM 16 000 B (5 T), MPM 10 000 B (3 T) and presses for cutting outflow: LUD (5TA, 3TC, 3TD).


Natural gas was supplied to the smelter, which allowed for the modernization of furnaces for heating the forging material.


The name of the plant is changed from Huta im. gen. K. Świerczewskiego (given in 1954) the name of 1946 year to the name. Huta “Andrzej” S.A.


Is established as a result of the merge of the following departments: Railway turnouts, Forged Products and Iron Foundry formed company “KolTram” Sp. z o.o.


On the basis of the separated structural resources of the Huta Andrzej, the company “Regionalna Strefa Gospodarcza – Zawadzkie” (RSG), is established, to which the forge department is leased from KolTram.


The bankruptcy of Huta “Andrzej” S.A.. and the bankruptcy of the RSG were announced. The forge department is purchased by the company “Prosper” Sp. z o. o. and the company “Kuźnia-Zawadzkie” Sp. z o.o.


Modern vibration isolators were built in the foundation of the MPM 31 500 B hammer. A slicer with band saws to cut the load was launched.


A 2 modern computer-controlled gas furnaces and an electric furnace for heat treatment of forgings were launched.

The quality management system ISO 9001:2000 was introduced in the production of die forgings, forging equipment and services in the field of heat treatment and machining.


The first Johnford machining center was opened at the matrix plant.


Installation of the MAS machining center.


The 500kW induction heating with the possibility of heating the charge for a 1000 kg pre-forming hammer and 3T and 5T hammers was started.


An automated Proline metal cutting line is created, and MAS Power is launched in the matrix plant.


Two robotic welding stations and additional machining centers were launched in the matrix department. An automated Kasto metal cutting line is created.