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Ribbed plates

“Kuźnia-Zawadzkie” Sp. z o.o. specialized in the production of ribbed plates, used in railway surfaces for railway and tramway turnouts.

Our greatest assets in the production of boards are quality and  comprehensiveness:

Quality results from the predominance of die-forged products over products made by other methods, e.g. castings or welded elements. The strength parameters of the forgings are definitely higher than the castings or elements using the welding process, which in the case of railroad turnout products is essential..

Comprehensiveness – we design, forge, machine and deliver to the customer a ready-to-assemble plate or set of plates included in the turnout. At the customer’s request, the plates are delivered with mounting elements, such as screws, bolts, nuts, etc.

Paleta płyt
Plates designed by our construction department, for which we have utility models. Such as. Pżb 4888, Pża 842 etc.

In our offer we have, developed by our designers, set of plates designed for quick and simple installation of the guide rail tracks in an arc with a radius of less than 300m.
Standard plates, plates for the check rails, frogs and turnouts. Such as. Pża 21/3, Pka with KZA11, Pkb with KZB30 etc.
All ribbed plates included in turnouts, such as Rz60, Rkpd60, Rz49, Rkpd49 etc.